Clearly Clean Products, LLC, the rolled-edge, recyclable food tray packaging company, has launched two new, 100% recyclable, overwrap food trays: one designed for meatballs and the other for patties.
 The meatball tray has 12 pockets, and the patty tray has two cells; they can be customized in terms of size, thickness, shape, and color. Both trays feature Clearly Clean's patented smooth edge that is rolled to prevent the overwrap film from tearing. Like all of Clearly Clean's trays, these are made from PET, the same material used in recyclable water bottles.
In addition to being recyclable and providing a rolled edge to alleviate film tears, Clearly Clean's trays allow companies to reduce product loss and increase customer satisfaction, quickly change from polystyrene trays without changing equipment and help maximize shelf appeal.
Due to the unique rolled edge, the trays are three times stronger than polystyrene ("Styrofoam"-type foamed plastics), mitigating "bow tying" due to weak walls, reducing shrink and maximizing customer satisfaction. They can also withstand high-speed processors without a loss in structural strength and can be reworked if there is a film or styling issue.

"We are excited to add two more trays to our already robust line, which now totals 21 trays," said Michael Hoppes, engineering manager at Clearly Clean. "We already have several clients looking to purchase the new trays, so they will be on grocery store shelves soon."

About Clearly Clean Products, LLC
Clearly Clean, which is known for its recyclable rolled-edge food trays, is an innovative manufacturer that creates eco-friendly products with features that surpass their non-sustainable alternatives. The company is committed to protecting its patented rolled-edge trays and manufacturing processes – as well as developing other sustainable products.