Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has once again collaborated with their friends at Lonely Ghost, an experiential lifestyle brand with a dedicated following that has built an inclusive community of devoted followers around the ideals of self-love, connection, and positivity. 

The collaboration is a collection of limited-time merchandise and a new flavor — both designed to remind us to melt into the moment at hand and to be present where we are and with whom we are with. When Jeni’s asked Lonely Ghost for their dream ice cream flavor, they responded: Cookie Dough— a flavor that Jeni’s had yet to explore. In true Jeni’s fashion, they had to put a spin on it to create a brand new cookie dough ice cream, doubling down on the flavor with Double Dough.

Jeni’s Double Dough ice cream features chocolate chip cookie dough swirled into a buttery brown sugar custard. The ice cream itself is made to taste like cookie dough, with notes of brown sugar, butter, and vanilla, with perfect bite-size chocolate chip cookie dough pieces for that classic sandy texture. It's a double flavor experience, hence the name Double Dough

The  culinary  experts  in  Jeni's  test  kitchen  pursued  ice  cream  perfection relentlessly,  leaving  no  stone  unturned and sparing no effort. They fine-tuned their  take  on  the  classic  flavor,  undergoing  nearly  40  recipe  iterations  to achieve  the  perfect  flavor  profile  and  dough  ratio  that  is  sure  to  delight cookie dough enthusiasts, ice cream lovers and beyond.

Double Dough features notes of brown sugar and molasses, layered in Fair Trade vanilla, all-natural butter flavor, and an extra sprinkle of sea salt.

About Jeni's Ice Cream 
Jeni's  Splendid  Ice  Creams  is  a  modern American ice cream company devoted to making the finest  ice  creams  the  world  has  ever  known.  Founded  in  Columbus,  OH  in  2002  by  James  Beard  Award-winning  ice cream  maker  Jeni  Britton,  Jeni's  has  emerged  over  the  past  20  years  as  the  new  standard  by  which  all  other  ice creams  (and  ice  cream  companies)  are  judged. With Jeni in charge of all creative output—from the ice cream itself to all  of  the  supporting  details  that  enhance  the experience of eating it—Jeni's continues to make one-of-a-kind flavors with  Direct  and  Fair  Trade  ingredients  and  super  fresh  milk  from  family  dairy  farms.  Today,  Jeni's  is  a  Certified  B Corporation  known  for  its  social,  environmental  and  business  leadership  with  more  than  60  scoop  shops,  an  online shop at and distribution in top grocery stores across the country.