Actual Veggies, the chef-crafted, veggie-packed burger brand made with wholesome plant-only ingredients and spices, has locked in expanded distribution nationwide in Sprouts Farmers Market stores and on the natural e-commerce service, Thrive Market.

Now available in over 3,000 retail stores nationwide, Actual Veggies marks a significant milestone with its nationwide debut in Sprouts Farmers Market stores. 

Consumers can now find its fan-favorite creations — the Black Bean Veggie Burger and the Sweet Potato Veggie Burger – in Sprouts’ freezer section. Bursting with wholesome goodness, these burgers feature a medley of nutrient-rich ingredients like black beans, carrots, red onions, parsnips, red peppers, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and navy beans, to name a few. 

Additionally, consumers can now access Actual Veggies’ refrigerated two-packs of Black Bean, Green and Orange burgers on Thrive Market.