FRoSTA AG, a renowned German-based frozen food manufacturer and a leader in the worldwide frozen food market recently collaborated with Starfrost, a leading provider of freezing technology solutions. This partnership has resulted in a significant enhancement of FRoSTA AG’s freezing capabilities, leading to a remarkable 20% increase in production capacity.

FRoSTA AG specializes in a wide range of frozen products including fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs and ready meals. With production facilities in Germany and Poland, along with sales and distribution subsidiaries in multiple European countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Romania, FRoSTA AG has established itself as a household name in frozen food.

In an ambitious move to expand its product line, FRoSTA AG recently invested a substantial sum of 10 million euro to introduce a state-of-the-art processing line for its rice and vegetable product. This investment also presented the opportunity to revolutionize its production process, with a primary focus on upgrading its freezing technology.

Starfrost was selected as the partner to deliver a cutting-edge Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) solution. The cooling experts at Starfrost designed, manufactured, and seamlessly integrated a Turbo IQF tunnel into FRoSTA AG’s existing production line. This IQF tunnel incorporates ground-breaking fluidised technology that enables rapid freezing without compromising on product quality.

The newly installed energy-efficient Turbo IQF tunnel has the capacity to freeze up to 10 tons per hour, together with marking a substantial improvement in overall efficiency and operating costs compared to the previous freezer used by FRoSTA AG.

The IQF tunnel installed for FRoSTA AG is specifically-designed to freeze delicate and sensitive food products. The freezer fully, deep freezes small particles with fluidised technology that delivers no clumping or sticking. The freezing process preserves natural appearance, and maintains volume and shape resulting in a premium product with a high yield for the vegetable processor. 

“We're pleased with our bespoke solution supplied by Starfrost. The IQF freezer has not only delivered a 20% increase in production capacity, but we have also achieved a 4% improvement in product yield and reduced energy costs by 12%, with further expected improvements due to its recent installation. We have a 10,000kg per hour freezing volume combined with the lowest energy consumption compared to other freezer manufacturers,” said Dr. Christian Paul, plant operations manager. "We also have the added feature of a sequential defrost on the freezer, which allows for longer operating phases without the need for frequent defrosting."

FRoSTA AG, a company committed to forward-thinking and sustainable practices, views this partnership as a significant step toward future-proofing its operations. The benefits of the Starfrost freezer represent a long-term investment that promises profitable returns.