As the UK’s highest-rated meal plan service, Lions Prep is focused on customer satisfaction. They were seeking a new cold chain packaging solution to ensure thermal protection, sustainability and an enhanced unboxing experience to better serve their customers.

Lions Prep delivers a wide range of healthy meals, including gluten-free and vegan options. Their focus on excellence extends beyond the high protein meals they supply for home delivery – packaging is important to them as well. It has to be convenient for the customer, safe for the food and sustainable for the planet. 

Constant improvement is a big part of Lions Prep’s success and developing their offering to make sure customers receive the most sustainable packaging was a priority. They have set a goal for themselves to do everything possible to provide responsibly sourced packaging, across all of the products they deliver to customers’ homes.

Ensuring both food safety and physical protection during transit was also vital. Meals had to be delivered completely undamaged, and in the right temperature range – while avoiding unsustainable packaging materials. The existing solution was a denim blanket, which can be prone to retaining moisture and food aromas and is difficult to recycle.

Lions Prep provides a complete dining experience, which includes receiving and unpacking the meal box. They wanted to enhance the experience by using a sustainable thermal liner, taking customer unboxing into account and considering how easy it is to recycle or dispose of packaging.

Ranpak’s Cold Chain Packaging Solution 

After in-depth discussion with Ranpak about their needs and close technical support to identify the most practical solution, Lions Prep chose RecyCold climaliner as the most suitable replacement for their existing denim blankets. The new and improved solution is the result of collaboration between Lions Prep, Ranpak, and their distribution partner. Paper-based and entirely curbside recyclable, climaliner avoids the hassle in return or disposal of unwanted packaging.

Climaliner is a paper-based thermal liner that ensures products stay within their ideal temperature range for up to 48 hours while simultaneously ensuring recyclability and sustainability, a breakthrough technology in the sustainable shipping space for one-way transport. Climaliner’s thermal liner paper is thinner and far more flexible than existing technologies with equal thermal performance, resulting in a solution that enables multiple configurations and box size flexibility while maintaining cold temperatures, dramatically reducing food waste and improving cost and sustainability. In addition, climaliner offers an aesthetically attractive, paper-based solution providing positive branding attributes for Lions Prep.

“RecyCold climaliner keeps our meals cooler, and because it’s compostable it is better for the planet and our brand,” said Pia Raffaela, procurement manager for Lion’s Prep. “Ranpak was very helpful in helping us find this solution and our existing box now holds more.”

Lions Prep needed up to 36 hours of protection. The solution actually delivers up to 48 hours for ambient, chilled and frozen products – providing excellent thermal performance. The existing Lions Prep box could be used easily with the new insulation which is a thinner liner and therefore maximizes box volume.