The most curious of news is spreading that International Delight, one of the leading coffee creamer and iced coffee brands known for its unique culture-driven collaborations, is debuting three new products that shine as bright as diamonds: limited edition creamers and iced coffee inspired by the most salacious of television series, “Bridgerton.” Sure to have the ton abuzz are International Delight Bridgerton Berries & Crème and English Toffee creamers, and Berries & Crème Iced Coffee. Making their debut onto shelves starting at the end of the holiday social season, the trio is a gift from International Delight to coffee and tea lovers alike, best paired with rewatching “Bridgerton” on Netflix. 

  • International Delight Berries & Crème Creamer: Notes of sweet, fruity berries dance alongside smooth, rich crème, like the dollop of jam atop the scone enjoyed with your morning coffee.
  • International Delight English Toffee Creamer: Featuring swirls of sweet chocolate flavor that mingle with notes of caramel, the flavor is so exquisite, you could almost swoon.
  • International Delight Iced Coffee Berries & Crème: While "Bridgerton's" tea may be hot, this new offering is ice cold, delivering the fresh flavors of sweet, fruity berries and decadent rich crème in your iced coffee. Pinkies up!

"International Delight captures the attention of the next generation of coffee drinkers through unique, pop-culture-driven limited time offerings. With our new flavors inspired by ‘Bridgerton,’ we're rolling out the horse and carriage for moments of over-the-top flavor celebration," said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of marketing, Coffee Creamers for Danone North America. 

International Delight Bridgerton Berries & Créme and English Toffee creamers are available in 32-ounce bottles with an SRP of $4.29 and International Delight Berries & Créme Iced Coffee is available in 64-ounce cartons with an SRP of $4.99. Rolling out on shelves at major retailers nationwide starting at the end of the holiday season, these new products are only around for a limited time and are sure to have suitors lining up around the block.

About International Delight
 Since 1987, International Delight has been transforming cups of coffee into moments that foster joy, self-expression, and togetherness through one-of-a-kind, bold creamer flavors. The brand, which introduced the first flavored, liquid, non-dairy creamer on the market, is on a mission to bring Creamer Nation flavors that deliver unparalleled delight in every drop and turn the room they leave for creamer into room to party. By uniting people with flavors that spark joy, International Delight brings people together over a cup of coffee, creating opportunities for connection, inclusion, and celebration. International Delight coffee creamers and iced coffees are available at grocery, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and food service outlets across the country.