Popsicle is debuting a brand-new look for its new SpongeBob SquarePants frozen confection bar, in celebration of everyone's favorite underwater pineapple-dwelling sponge. The new design is lovingly drawn sketch-style and inspired by the many faces of the iconic character through the years, from the mischievous DoodleBob to the famous Smiley Face SpongeBob. Each of these loveable faces were the muses for the newest treat hitting shelves.

The joy of unwrapping one of these delicious frozen treats is part of the excitement of meeting a brand-new Popsicle version of everyone's favorite sponge! Available nationwide beginning this month, the frozen treats were created in collaboration with Nickelodeon and Paramount Consumer Products and will be sold in six-count packs.

"We were inspired by the many fun faces of SpongeBob SquarePants to create our new sketch-inspired design in a doodled aesthetic. Capturing his silly smile, his loveable nature beams at fans after seeing what's behind the wrapper. It is JUST as tasty as the original fruit punch & cotton candy SpongeBob single-serve bar," said Bentley King, U.S. head of ice cream operations

The SpongeBob SquarePants frozen confection bar with chocolatey eyes is still available wherever single-serve frozen treats are sold.

About Popsicle
As a brand invented by an 11-year-old, Popsicle has always created opportunities for kids to play more often and use their imagination, from the vibrant colors and flavors of Popsicle products to the upcycled, back-of-pack craft activities with Popsicle sticks.