Tofurky, a leading manufacturer of plant-based meats in the U.S., has unveiled a fresh take on the American favorite, Plant-Based Pepp’roni, as well as an extension to the brand’s beloved plant-based sausage line, with new flavors Mango Chipotle and Chorizo. Crafted with superior taste in mind, both releases join the growing portfolio of savor-worthy plant-based offerings, bringing our curious consumers a range of high-quality, comforting plant-based food choices. 

Tofurky is doubling down on its commitment to creativity and growth of the plant-based category with these inventive new products. In a landscape where new products in plant-based and natural products have seen a lull in recent years, Tofurky remains steadfast in revitalizing the industry through strategic plant-based launches and by fostering brand loyalty while captivating new users. Tofurky's emphasis on groundbreaking products like the Plant-Based Pepp’roni, Mango Chipotle and Chorizo Plant-Based Sausages underscores its recognition of consumers' desires for diverse flavors, culinary exploration and novel experiences.  

“We firmly believe in the power of using innovation to drive positive change,” said Tofurky Vice President of Research and Development, Gilad Kaufman. "And we hope you can see with the consumer launch of Pepperoni and new Sausage Flavors how dedicated we are to bringing new and unexpected flavor options to market in a delicious and sustainable way.” 

As we have witnessed in recent years, a growing number of Americans are increasingly conscious of their food choices and seek more sustainable options. Tofurky is making it easy for consumers to answer this call with its consistent plant-based innovation that delivers lip-smacking flavor at an accessible price. Made with the highest quality non-GMO, vegan, and cholesterol-free ingredients, Tofurky Plant-Based Pepperoni and Plant-Based Sausages cater to everyone from curious carnivores to vegans and flexitarians. Additional details include: 

  • Mango Chipotle Plant-Based Sausage is a flavor-packed delight with a harmonious blend of ripe mango and chipotle pepper, creating a profile that is sweet, smoky, and delicately spicy. This 100% plant-based option boasts 260 calories per link, is non-GMO, Kosher, 0% cholesterol, and delivers a substantial 22 grams of protein. With four servings per package, it's a delicious and satisfying choice for any occasion. Whether grilling for a summer barbecue, adding a unique twist to your favorite pasta dish, or simply enjoying a quick and flavorful meal, Mango Chipotle Sausage is a versatile and indulgent option. 
  • Chorizo Plant-Based Sausage offers a bold Mexican-style flavor enriched with aromatic herbs and spices. A perfect companion to beans, rice, eggs, tortillas, nachos, and more, Chorizo is 100% plant-based, with the added benefits of being Non-GMO and Kosher it’s cholesterol-free. Each link packs an impressive 25 grams of protein and, like its counterpart, provides four servings per package. Elevate your taco night, spice up breakfast with a chorizo and egg scramble, or add a kick to your favorite soups and stews—Chorizo Sausage brings a burst of flavor to every mealtime occasion. 
  • Pepp’roni slices hit all the right notes: tangy, peppery and nicely spiced, with a rich, savory punch of umami. These crispy & chewy plant-based Pepp’roni slices are jam-packed with spicy goodness, perfect for topping your slice or layering in a hoagie – minus the meat! Cured just like animal-based pepperoni for that deep, robust flavor, our pepperoni browns, chars and curls with the best of ‘em. Animal product-free, allergen-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free, these mouthwatering discs of delish are pure savory joy. 

Tofurky Mango Chipotle and Chorizo Sausages are available to purchase at grocery retailers nationwide at an SRP of $5.99-$6.99 per 4-serving pack. Tofurky Pepp’roni will be available to purchase at regional grocery retailers, including Hy-Vee, Tops Friendly Markets and Price Chopper, at an SRP of $6.50. 


About Tofurky 
Founded in 1980, Tofurky is a leading manufacturer of plant-based meats, making lip-smacking plant-based foods that are kind to people, animals and the environment. All Tofurky’s foods are made with the highest quality ingredients and are indulgent ways for everyone from vegans to flexitarians to enjoy their favorite comfort recipes. All Tofurky products are 100 percent non-GMO, vegan and use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Tofurky puts purpose before profits and reinvests in a wide variety of environmental initiatives, advocates for animal welfare and invests in its community.