The Tofurky Co., Hood River, Ore., opened a new LEED Platinum manufacturing plant on the waterfront in Hood River, Ore. The new plant, which will become Tofurky LEED plantoperational in early 2014, is said to be the third LEED Platinum food processing plant in the United States and the sixth in the world.

Environmental features include a rooftop array of 400 solar panels capable of producing over 119 Mwh of electrical per year, a free solar-powered electric car charging station and a “green” roof with a bocce court. Recycled materials are used throughout the building, making it 34% more efficient than Oregon Code in energy efficiency and 40% more efficient in its use of water.

“Though I had a hunch 33 years ago that plant-based foods would one day be more popular, it’s safe to say that this company and this new plant are beyond my wildest dreams,” says Seth Tibbott, founder.