Kevin’s Natural Foods, the fastest growing prepared food brand, best known for their refrigerated, multi-serve entrées is entering the frozen food aisle—in the cleanest and most delicious way possible. The new frozen meals pair Kevin’s signature sous-vide cooked protein with flavorful sauces, vegetables and either cauliflower pasta, cauliflower rice or brown rice. These satisfying, complete meals offer restaurant-level taste, incredible convenience and align with Kevin’s notorious commitment to clean ingredients. 

Kevin’s Natural Foods’ new frozen entrée bowls are made with the highest quality chicken and beef, offering a convenient source of up to 33 grams of protein per serving. Available globally inspired flavors are: Thai Coconut Curry Chicken, Beef Bolognese, Korean BBQ Chicken, Chicken Burrito Bowl, Parmesan Basil Chicken, Roasted Tomato Chicken Pasta, Orange Chicken and Savory Mushroom Chicken. Proud to offer a variety of healthy hacks, Kevin’s Natural Foods’ new frozen entrée bowls are the perfect option for a workday lunch, busy night dinner or anytime convenience is a priority. And now, more than ever before, consumers are looking for quick, healthy options in the frozen food section. 

“We conduct focus groups monthly to actively listen to our customers for clues, ideas, and inspiration for  new items we can provide to empower them to eat healthy. Kevin’s customers made it crystal clear that they want a complete, single-serve meal solution, made with high-quality ingredients,” said co-founder  Kevin McCray, “This was the catalyst for our frozen entrée line, which is a big step forward to delivering on our mission to empower even the busiest people to eat clean without sacrificing flavor.”

Kevin’s new frozen entrées are: 

  • Certified gluten-free with Paleo-certified options.
  • Packed in a compostable bowl and ready in just 5 minutes
  • Made with humanely raised, antibiotic-free meat and without refined sugar or soy.
  • Rich in protein – up to 33 grams per meal.

Kevin’s Natural Foods’ new frozen meals will be available at Target, Thrive Market, Sprouts and other  retailers nationwide for $5.99-$6.99 beginning in May.

About Kevin’s Natural Foods
Kevin’s Natural Foods is a line of healthy entrées and sauces on a mission to make clean eating not only taste delicious, but also seamlessly fit into any lifestyle. Co-founded by Kevin McCray, who battled a severe auto-immune disorder for years and cured his condition through clean eating — specifically the  Paleo diet —Kevin’s Natural Foods was born from his desire to help other people eat clean. Kevin’s guilt[1]free, sous-vide entrées and signature Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free certified sauces allow home chefs to  whip up delicious Michelin-style meals in just five minutes. With restaurant quality ingredients and recipes, Kevin’s products ring in at a more approachable price point and are even available on the shelves of coveted grocery retailers like Whole Foods, Target and Costco and through Amazon. With strict nutritious standards, entrées and sauces contain zero refined sugar, artificial ingredients, grains, soy, dairy, antibiotics, or hormones. A true market disruptor, Kevin’s is the first clean refrigerated entrée brand and challenges the notion that proper nutrition can’t be as delicious as it is healthy.