Grote's new AP Series model is ideal for pizza crusts, French bread or bagel applications.

Grote’s AP Series Waterfall Topping Applicator is ideal for evenly applying a wide variety of toppings onto pizza production lines, including shredded cheese, dry ingredients and individually quick frozen meats or vegetables.

With its cantilevered frame and open channel welded construction, the AP Series applicator offers a sanitary design.  Built for the most demanding food processing environments, the AP Series applicator is manufactured of corrosion resistant stainless steel and utilizes FDA compatible thermoplastics in all food and splash zones. The hopper and pass-through conveyor belts are easily removable in less than five minutes for daily cleaning, and both conveyors include stainless steel bearings, motors and gearboxes as standard features.

Grote’s AP Series Waterfall Topping Applicator offers several innovative design features that optimize both efficiency and performance. Grote’s unique hopper rake system utilizes round tines to provide for better product distribution and less product damage over a wide range of toppings. In addition, the flinger wheel offers compound adjustability for superior trajectory control of toppings over the full range of IQF products.  And for maximum efficiency, Grote offers an optional 3 belt return conveyor system to recapture, recirculate and reload excess topping ingredients into the hopper. Other options include an adjustable height rake assembly with indicator scale and single point adjustment, and automatic hopper level control. -- Grote Company

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