The Universal 1000i depositor from Canada-based Unifiller is ideal for optimizing production, producing more in less time, while ensuring clean and precise depositing of sweet, savory and cheesy sauces, batters, fruit or meat fillings, potato salad, mashed potatoes, hummus, dressings, dips, yogurt and delicate mousse products.
Features include:
•    Heavy duty stainless-steel construction.
•    14-gallon conical hopper
•    Removable depositing table
•    Easy-to-adjust, one-turn speed dial – 0-100%
•    Spout nozzle and foot pedal
•    Quick and precise deposits – up to 120 cycles a minute
•    Deposit range from 1/3 to 36 ounces
•    Full washdown capabilities with dishwasher-safe parts
•    Quick connections for easy assembly