Denmark'sArla Foods ambasaid it expects by early summer 2011 to expand its Hollandtown, Wis., cheese facility. Officials said Arla's U.S. sales rose by 10 percent in 2009 and "midway into 2010 volumes sold are showing a 20 percent year on year increase." Arla said 70 percent of Arla's U.S. products are produced at Hollandtown and Muskegon, Mich., and another 30 percent of volume is imported from Arla's dairies in Denmark.
"When the expansion is completed next year, we’ll be in a stronger position to compete for large contracts,” says Susie Møller Hjorth, Arla's U.S. country manager. “At the same time, Arla will be better placed to meet major customers’ demands for locally produced cheese and we’ll have the capacity to focus on product development and customer innovation.”

Canadian agriculture officials said province of Ontario has invested nearly (C) $4.5 million to helpGreat Lakes Specialty Meats of Canada Inc., Mitchell, Ont., expand its pork processing operations there. Details were not disclosed. Officials said Great Lakes will use the funding "to improve plant capabilities to produce high quality value added products using modern and efficient equipment and technology such as the leading traceability systems for improved food safety."
"We commend the Government of Canada for recognizing the importance of improving processing capabilities in Canada through the Slaughter Improvement Program," said Great Lakes President David Schwartz. "Improving and expanding the production capabilities at Great Lakes Specialty Meats will help us supply the increasing demand for value added pork products - domestically and internationally - and will ultimately mean more jobs for people in the Mitchell area."