Refrigerated hummus processorSabra Dipping Company LLC, White Plains, N.Y., said it plans to expand its refrigerated product line and enter several new categories with Sabra fresh salsa, guacamole and Greek yogurt-based vegetable dips. A joint venture betweenPepsiCoandStrauss Group, Sabra also said it will also expand its hummus line with two new flavors.

"Consumers are broadening their food horizons and seeking a variety of fresh, healthy and authentic foods and snacks," said Ken Kunze, chief marketing officer.  "Sabra has been on trend with hummus and is now expanding into more vegetable-based snacks. What Sabra brings to the table is a fresh approach to some authentic favorites by tapping into the flavors of the world while delivering the same quality and superior taste that has become synonymous with the Sabra name.  We are thrilled to give consumers an opportunity to discover new experiences of the world right at their table."

Kunze said Sabra is preparing a national, summertime roll-out of ...

... Sabra salsa

Sabra will launch its Salsa line in four flavors: Classic, Southwestern Style, Home-style, and Chunky Pico de Gallo. Officials say Sabra Salsa will come in convenient, dip-friendly, recyclable and attractive bowls making it easy to serve. All varieties of Sabra Salsas are fat free, gluten free and kosher. The salsas will be available in the refrigerated section of the deli aisle at club stores and supermarkets nationwide.

... Sabra Greek yogurt veggie dips

Four new flavors include Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Artichoke, Sun Dried Tomato and Onion & Fresh Herbs. Officials say the new offerings will "provide a much needed, great tasting alternative to fattening sour cream based white dips" with 67 percent fewer calories and 88 percent less fat than the leading sour cream dip. The veggie dips will be available in the refrigerated section of the deli aisle, where Sabra products are sold.

... Sabra guacamole

Sabra says two new offerings, Classic and Spicy guacamole, use an "authentic recipe of all natural Guacamole made fresh from Mexican-grown Hass avocados." Like Sabra's other products, the guacamole will come ready-to-serve, dip-friendly, recyclable containers. Sabra Guacamole is all natural, gluten free and kosher and can be found in the refrigerated section of the deli aisle. 

Officials also announced two new hummus flavor additions: Basil Pesto Hummus and a Buffalo Style Hummus. 

Sabra said it operates one of the country's only a silver LEED-certified factories in Colonial Heights, Va., and in 2011 received an A-Classification from the British Retail Consortium audit board for food safety for its Oceanside, Calif., plant.