CJ Foods, Commerce, Calif., used the National Restaurant Show in Chicago to debut a new Asian foods foodservice business throughCJ Omni Inc.

"Although CJ Foods has been in the United States for more than thirty years selling a variety of products at specialty markets, Korean food in America has become a culinary phenomenon in recent years – and is now considered to be one of the most significant trends in cuisine," said Becky Westby, director of foodservice for CJ Omni. "There is no better time for CJ, as a leading authority on Korean food, to lend its expertise to foodservice clients and help them leverage this next great food trend in the U.S. to reach a broader range of consumers."

CJ Omni says its foodservice offerings will include a variety of authentic Korean and Korean-inspired food products including noodles, sauces, frozen appetizers, seaweed, bouillon and rice items.  Target segments include colleges and universities, lodging and recreation such as casinos and hotels, national and regional restaurant chains, among others.

In addition to its foodservice offerings provided through CJ Omni, CJ Foods produces two consumer retail product lines for the U.S. includingCJ's Korean BBQ marinade and cooking sauces, andAnnie Chun'sall-natural Pan-Asian foods, available in traditional grocery and natural specialty stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Target, Safeway, Kroger and Walmart. 

CJ Foods is part ofCJ America Inc., Los Angeles, and belongs to South Korean grocery giantCJ Foods, Seoul.