It's the bacon consumers clamor for  -- combined with a top-selling sauce. Farmland Foods, Kansas City, Mo., introduces Farmland Spicy BBQ Bacon, fresh natural flavored bacon with added rich, barbeque flavor.

"AC Nielsen consistently ranks Farmland as one of the highest velocity-selling brands, so this new product offers a great opportunity for retailers to expand the category and build incremental sales," officials say. "Farmland’s Spicy BBQ Bacon features a robust, unique taste, and goes great on a burger or sandwich.  It also adds a touch of zesty class to other proteins like steak or shrimp when used as a wrap.  Plus, it makes a flavorful ingredient for stews and beans as well."

Bert Lawson is manager of Farmland Foods' test kitchen.

“Barbeque consistently ranks near the top of every consumer flavor preference study,” he says. “And bacon has never been more popular with consumers who want a little something extra on their burgers and sandwiches. So it was only natural to combine these two for a rich, smoky and authentic accent for their favorite meals.”

Farmland cites research studies from Datassential, who found that bacon is the number two burger ingredient (closely following onion), and BBQ sauce has overtaken ketchup as the top sauce for burgers, growing over 10 percent in the past year.  Clearly, a Spicy BBQ Bacon is a great fit with America’s shifting tastes.

Farmland Spicy BBQ Bacon comes in a 12-pound case, with 12 individual sixteen-ounce packages.