Farmland, Kansas City, Mo., partnered with American Farmland Trust (AFT), Washington, D.C., to preserve and sustain American farmland. Now through Dec. 31, 2019, Farmland pledged to protect 1 square foot of American farmland for every Pure Farmland item purchased, including the newly introduced all-natural uncured bacon.

“Our future depends on having enough farmland to both feed us and restore our planet. And, this requires a holistic vision of the future—one that acknowledges farmland as irreplaceable infrastructure we cannot afford to lose; that sees farming practices that improve soil health as necessary for that land to serve us in perpetuity; and that views farmers as the stewards of that land, worthy of our fervent support because at heart, what these farmers do is for all of us,” says John Piotti, president and CEO, AFT. “This partnership will help consumers understand the threats to American farmland and further AFT’s mission of protecting the nation’s farm and ranchland, promoting sound farming practices and keeping farmers on the land. We are grateful for Farmland’s support.” 

Farmland maintains a long-standing dedication to working farmers.

“For nearly 60 years, Farmland has relied on the tireless work of farmers to offer our loyal consumers products that they can trust,” says Megan Thomas, senior brand manager for Smithfield Foods, the Smithfield, Va.-based parent company of Farmland. “As we enter this next chapter for our brand, we’re honored to partner with American Farmland Trust to further showcase the fundamental role our nation’s rich farmland plays in offering our consumers a wholesome protein option for every meal.”