Farmland Foods, a Kansas City, Mo.-based subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, unveiled a refreshed look to its bacon and pork products. Farmland Foods pkg

“We conducted extensive consumer research upfront to understand the different types of pork consumers [want], when and how they consume pork and what needs are most important,” says Brendan Smith, senior vice president of marketing and innovation. “Based on this work, it was clear that there are a high percentage of pork consumers who take a lot of pride and have strong passion for cooking with pork, and they want a brand that shares that same pride and passion.”

The company’s new brand look will appear across all consumer touch-points, from the company website to product packaging. Updated packaging is already hitting shelves for Farmland’s core bacon and fresh pork businesses and will begin shipping across remaining products later this fall.

“Our integrated advertising campaign showcases the passion and pride we have for hand trimming each cut, slow smoking our bacon and working side-by-side with American farm families,” Smith says. “At Farmland, our energy, time and commitment to pork spans more than five decades, and we’re proud to continue to uphold that tradition."

In conjunction with the rebranding, Farmland rolled out four new pork products created to inspire consumers to fire up the griddle, light up the stove and fan the flame for pork.

• Homestyle Breakfast Sausage Links and Patties—Natural antioxidants, no MSG, gluten-free sausage for an all-natural homestyle breakfast.

• Fully Cooked Sausage—Fully cooked breakfast sausage links and patties that offer 50% less fat and 40% fewer calories than regular pork sausage.

• Upgraded Stack Pack Bacon—Thicker, leaner bacon now made with sea salt.

• All Natural Breakfast Meats—Minimally processed bacon and breakfast sausage with no artificial ingredients, hormones or steroids.