Sometimes it pays to think small. Everything about Heritage Frozen Foods' latest new offering, CHEEMO Kiderogies, is designed with young children in mind.

Already known for its CHEEMO frozen pierogy, Heritage, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, developed Kiderogies, which feature a 3.5-centimeter perogy. In fact, the idea came from none other than Heritage Frozen Foods President Joe Makowecki, who has two young children of his own.

"My wife and I would cut up our regular size perogies for our children," says Makowecki. "The small size of our Kiderogies has an immediate appeal to kids."

Every aspect of the Kiderogies product was developed with youngsters in mind -- even down to the package design. From the colorful graphic illustrations featured on the front of the carton to children's activities located on the back and a coloring area found inside the package, parents are able to make a quick tasty meal for their children and entertain them at the same time.

CHEEMO Kiderogies are available in the company's two most popular flavors: potato and cheddar cheese. Heritage says it uses only natural ingredients including fresh potato, real cheddar cheese, natural spices and special flour blends in Kiderogies. Meanwhile, at home, parents can prepare the product in any one of six different kid-tested recipes – everything from traditional boiled perogies to making a deep-dish Kiderogies pizza.

"With today's families looking for value and nutrition in their food purchases, our CHEEMO perogies fit the bill," says Makowecki. "And now with Kiderogies, we've introduced a new product that is healthy, nutritious and fun to eat for today's active youngsters."