Sometimes new packaging is all you need. Particularly when consumers already are craving your product.

That's been just the case at Smithfield Packing Company Inc., Smithfield, Va. Hearing bacon-lovers’ cry for more  bacon in a package that keeps bacon fresh, Smithfield developed a package design new to the retail bacon category. Officials say Smithfield's new PouchPack is the only bacon package to offer two stay-fresh pouches -- each containing approximately six slices of uncooked, stacked bacon.  The pouches are perforated for easy separation allowing consumers the flexibility of choosing how much bacon to cook at one time. The bacon saved for later stays fresh, sealed in the pouch for the next occasion.

Officials say the Smithfield PouchPack has additional advantages over typical bacon packaging in terms of convenience. Each pouch has an E-Z Peel opening that gives the consumer easy, mess-free access to the bacon. In other words, no more scissors and greasy hands. Plus, the bacon in the pouch is stacked so slices peel apart more easily.

Smithfield said its own consumer research revealed that on average, consumers are serving one to two people at an occasion with a serving size of one to three slices of bacon each. The majority of typical bacon packaging yields 16 slices or more in a package, leaving the average consumer with leftover bacon. Research further indicated that 75 percent of consumers had leftover bacon after a cooking occasion. 

Since the Smithfield PouchPack separates into two stay-fresh pouches with approximately six slices each, the PouchPack eliminates leftovers that typically go bad and are wasted.  The PouchPack can also help maintain portion control by eliminating the desire to cook an entire package at one time to eliminate waste.

“Smithfield is listening to consumers and improving our products and packaging to meet their needs. We are proud to be the first company to take such a large step forward to please the bacon consumer,” said Will Brunt, vice president of marketing.  “The Smithfield PouchPack is the next generation of bacon packaging.  Now, consumers can enjoy what they already love – delicious Smithfield bacon – more often.”

Smithfield PouchPack Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon is now available in Hometown Original flavor. Officials say retail price for a 12-ounce package of two pouches is competitive with the 12- and 16-oz bacon category and varies depending on the retailer. Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon in 1-oz weight also is available in Hometown Original, Thick Cut, Lower Sodium, Maple Flavored, Brown Sugar Cured and Butcher’s Cut, and in 12oz varieties of Center Cut and Cracked Peppercorn.