Boulder, Colo.-based Boulder Brands Inc. introduced Smart Balance Blended Butter Sticks. Featuring 28% less saturated fat, these butter sticks are made with real butter, Smart Balance Oil Blend, EPA/DHA & ALA Omega-3s and a naturally-sourced ingredient that helps block the cholesterol in the butter.

"Many of our consumers want the taste and texture of real butter when cooking and baking," says John Becker, executive vice president. "So, we've taken the great taste of butter and added the benefits of our spreadable better butters; then we put them in a convenient stick form that's easy to measure and perfect for recipe making."

The Blended Butter Sticks have 0 grams trans fat and no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. One serving of the butter provides 20% of the daily value of EPA/DHA Omega-3s and 10% of the daily value of ALA Omega-3s.

Smart Balance also launched Kids Milks, a line of whole, reduced-fat and low-fat milks for toddlers and children. The three varieties—Kids Transitions Whole Milk & Nutrient Blend, Kids Reduced Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend and Kids Chocolate Low Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend—are initially available in Harris Teeter stores in North Carolina. This line of milk does not contain any artificial growth hormones, and offers calcium and vitamin D, DHA and EPA Omega-3s.

"Smart Balance Kids Milks provide wholesome milk and a blend of nutrients to give kids a strong nutritional foundation during critical stages of development," says John Becker, senior vice president and general manager.

They come in 8-ounce packages and are available on grocery shelves nationwide.