Baskin-Robbins, Canton, Mass., unveiled new offerings for its Ice Cream Cake Bites, which are bite-sized desserts that combine both ice cream and cake in a Baskin Robbins cake bitessingle serving.

They come in the following flavors:

Mint Chocolate Chip. Mint chocolate chip ice cream over chocolate cake with a chocolate-flavored coating and a green-colored drizzle.

Chocolate. Chocolate ice cream over chocolate cake with chocolate-flavored coating and topped with a fudge rosette.

Oreo. OREO cookie ice cream and chocolate cake, wrapped up in chocolate-flavored coating.

Pralines 'n Cream. Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream over white cake with a white coating and finished with caramel drizzle and crushed praline pecans.

"We wanted to offer our ice cream cake enthusiasts a unique dessert that can be enjoyed individually or shared with that special someone," says Stan Frankenthaler, vice president of innovation and executive chef for Dunkin' Brands, Baskin-Robbins’ parent company. "Cake Bites provide our on-the-go consumers an affordable elegant holiday dessert that looks exquisite, tastes delicious and requires no preparation time."