Smithfield Foodservice, a division of the Smithfield Packing Co., a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, Va., now offers Cook-in-Bag Smoked Pork Butt, making Smithfield Foodservice buttit easy for operators to maintain fresh pork quality and right-from-the-smoker taste without the need for special cooking equipment.

The benefits of cook-in-bag technology are numerous. Each 8-pound, bone-in butt is wrapped in a pre-smoked net, infusing flavor throughout the cooking process as the pork develops its signature barbecue bark. The vacuum-sealed packaging helps reduce the risk of cross contamination and allows the pork to cook evenly and consistently. This high-yield product also allows for maximum usage with minimal waste, since the cooked pork can be customized for a variety of applications and flavor profiles.

“Barbecue pork dishes are always popular, and the growth in sales volume over the past few years makes it clear that restaurant patrons can’t get enough,” says Kristen Orr, associate brand manager. “At Smithfield, we want to help our customers respond to this trend and get creative with their barbecue offerings. Our Cook-in-Bag Smoked Pork Butt is an innovative, easy way for operators to meet this demand.”