The new Ross RS-10 slicer is ideal for the high-volume production of uniform meat strips, slicing whole muscle products with consistent and accurate thicknesses at speeds up to 10,000 pounds per hour. The RS-10 eliminates the need for pre-tempered product. It easily slices fresh product (32°F-40°F), and flexible tooling allows the slice thickness to be changed in just minutes. Its large infeed handles product up to 16x8 inches with any length. Plus, the compact RS-10 has a small footprint and features a simple, sanitary design. Built entirely of stainless steel, it is said to use only a fraction of the parts of other slicers.

Ross Industries, Inc.


Provisur’sPowerMax Slicing Systems from Formax are designed to deliver optimal slice quality and operational efficiency, safety and profitability. The PowerScanner uses proactive weighing and scanning to create an accurate 3D image of naturally and irregularly shaped products before they enter the slicer. The PowerMax Safety Laser Scanner safely protects the slicer while minimizing the number of physical guards to provide an open machine design. Meanwhile, the blade technology offers maximum yield with excellent slice quality and comes in a wide range of blade profiles, angles and edge serrations. The Multitec autoloading technology can customize an autoloading solution for virtually any application and product presentation.

Provisur Technologies, Inc.


JBT FoodTech introduced DSI 800 Series Portioner. Representing the latest in scanning, computing and servo equipment technology, this portioner is said to provide processors with more throughput in a 40% smaller footprint than competing alternatives. The DSI 800 offers an all-in-one solution for high-volume portioning, high-accuracy, intense cuts and effortless fat trimming. It can also be integrated with JBT FoodTech’s patented DSI Adaptive 3D Portioning system to achieve double-digit yield improvement over competing alternatives by combining intelligent horizontal slicing with vertical or angled waterjet portioning.

JBT FoodTech


Reiser introduced the new Vemag Alginate line for producing fresh sausage links, breakfast sausage, long smoked sausages and snack sticks in alginate casings. The alginate encapsulates the sausage in a transparent skin, allowing the product to remain visible. Both meat and alginate travel into the CC215 coextrusion head where the meat is encased in an alginate casing of uniform thickness. Upon exit, the alginate-encased sausage is sprayed with a calcium chloride solution to immediately begin the curing process. The CC215 then divides the sausage strand into individual links or discharges it to a hanging line. The CC215 features extra-long dividing belts to ensure cleanly divided sausages with portioning rates of up to 800 pieces per minute.