Land O’Lakes sour cream, cottage cheese and dip products arrived on retailer shelves through the upper Midwest with a new packaging look. Deans small curd cottage cheese

“The curved bottom profile of these packages allow consumers to easily scoop up every last bit of the wholesome Land O’Lakes sour cream, cottage cheese and dip products that they have come to enjoy,” says Rob Hollandsworth, group vice president of Dallas-based Dean Foods, who has a licensing agreement to use the Minneapolis-based Land O’Lakes brand. “Customers also tell us they love how the packages stack very well in their crowded refrigerators. We did not change the formulas that customers have known for years. We are now delivering the same great products in a fun and versatile new package.”

The new completely recyclable packaging line offers convenience for scooping up the product with a spoon, chip, vegetable or cracker. It also promotes stackability, as the structure design results in less negative space in between packages, both on the truck and on the shelf.

“All in all, we are delivering a farm more environmentally-responsible packaging solution, and one that always has the primary display panel neatly facing the consumer vs. the old round-style packages, which often ended up spun in different directions,” Hollandsworth adds.