Ice cream just got a healthy makeover with new Brio Frozen Dairy Dessert, made in Wisconsin with fresh r-BST-free milk from Wisconsin farms. Brio Vanilla ice cream

Brio has approximately 25% fewer calories, half the total fat, 65% less saturated fat, 75% less cholesterol and 10% less sugar than comparable flavors of super-premium ice creams. Plus, it offers just 160-170 calories in each 4-fluid-ounce serving.

Founded by the entrepreneurs behind Earth's Best Baby Foods, Boulder, Colo., "Brio combines the deliciousness of truly great ice cream with the latest science about healthy fats, smart carbs and sustained energy," says Ron Koss, co-founder.

"We worked for 10 years with a team that brought together two top flavor experts who had worked for Ben & Jerry's, plus respected nutritionists and dietitians," says Koss. "This unlikely collaboration resulted in a unique ice cream innovation."

"Brio's mission is to help people of all ages live with 'brio' in the truest sense of the word—with vigor, energy and vitality," says Arnie Koss, co-founder. "It is a 'have it all' treat that offers the satisfaction of a creamy, rich indulgence that aligns with a healthy, wellness-oriented lifestyle."

Brio comes in Mellow Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel, Coffee Latte, Spring Strawberry and Tropical Mango flavors, using real mangoes, strawberries, coffee extract, caramel and vanilla. Brio is now available in greater Milwaukee at Sendik's Food Markets at Mequon, Franklin, New Berlin and West Bend.