The a2 Milk Co., New Zealand, debuted its a2 milk to the United States, beginning in April. a2milk

“The reception from consumers, retailers and farmers tells us that a2 Milk has a real and significant part to play in restoring confidence in dairy milk among the many Americans who have significantly reduced their consumption in recent years,” says Jim Smith, U.S. marketing director. “We’ll be bringing a pure and natural product to the many millions of Americans who would otherwise have to restrict or avoid the goodness and taste of fresh milk.”

A2 is recognized as being the original beta-casein protein gene in modern cattle, meaning that it’s a 100% natural fresh cows’ milk from specially selected cows, not a product of genetic engineering or a technological process.

It comes in Whole, Reduced Fat, Low Fat and Fat Free options for a suggested retail price of $4.50 per half-gallon carton.