Preferred Freezer Services (PFS), Chatham, N.J., announced the newest addition to its continually expanding footprint in Lynden, Wash. The company is expanding PFS Lynden WAits presence in the Pacific Northwest to keep pace with growing customer demand for modern cold storage coupled with engaged and individual treatment in the handling of their customers’ products. This warehouse facility is expected to serve the local/regional agricultural and seafood industries.

“We are extremely excited to join the Lynden community, and to be able to serve current and new customers in this ever-expanding market area,” says Todd Klumok, executive vice president of business development.

The construction, which will begin immediately, will include 292,396 square feet of freezer space, 31,092 square feet of temperature-controlled loading docks and 8,080 square feet of support area for a total initial phase of 331,568 square feet. Additional property was secured for future expansion.

The $32 million facility is expected to employ up to 30 people on a seasonal basis, and will be open for business in September.