The happy egg co., San Francisco, launched organic free-range eggs.

"Our move into the organic market has now given the organic consumer a truly humanely raised egg offering, providing affordable, free-range eggs from organic hens that have been treated with the highest quality of care," says David Wagstaff, chief operating officer. "Our product strategy has always included an organic free-range line extension, and we're currently expanding our footprint of organic and non-organic happy egg farms to satisfy the skyrocketing demand for food that is organic and humanely-produced with transparency through the supply chain."

The happy egg co. provides its hens with organic, non-GMO feed and is said to be the only 100% free-range egg brand with an animal welfare program that covers everything from living conditions to feed to expertise of caregivers.

Organic free-range 18-pack eggs are available at select Bay Area Costco locations, and sold in 12-packs at select Gelson's and Bristol Farms locations across Southern California.