Sonoma Brands, the Sonoma, Calif.-based maker of PECKISH, developed Peck Pack, what is said to be first-to-market Perfectly Boiled organic free-range eggs paired with crispy, crunchy dips.

Each Peck Pack consists of two individually wrapped organic free-range eggs with one crispy crunchy dip. Available in Salt & Pepitas, Everything, Maple Waffles, Fried Rice and Rancheros, the packs are made with clean ingredients and include options for Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 and gluten-free diets.

“Here at Sonoma Brands, we are constantly studying opportunities where we can be a first mover into consumer ‘on trend’ categories. My epiphany for PECKISH was born from my personal obsession with finding the perfect snack. As a foodie that is very attune with health and wellness trends and a working mom, I wanted something that sits at the intersection of being absolutely delicious, made without compromise in ingredients and very convenient. At home, I often used eggs as the base for many foods, but the quality of meals I could make in my home kitchen weren't available or suitable for on-the-go,” says Chelsea Bialla, co-founder. “To fill that gap, we created PECKISH – a fresh platform brand that will reimagine eggs in ways that champion quality, experience and flavor without ever conceding on nutritionbecause we can.”

One Peck Pack boasts a suggested retail price of $3.99.