PECKISH, Sonoma, Calif., launched PECK Packs, a fresh, whole food protein snack or mini-meal option.

Dubbed as the “perfectly boiled egg,” the company’s highly refined cooking method creates a tender egg white and creamy, bright orange yolk. Plus, each PECKISH egg is organic and free-range, offers 12-14 grams of protein and 0 grams of low sugar with options for paleo, keto and Whole30 eating styles.

Each PECK Pack contains two individually wrapped Perfectly Boiled organic, free-range eggs accompanied by a crunchy dip, including Ranch, Salt & Pepitas, Everything, Maple Waffles, Fried Rice and Rancheros.

“At Sonoma Brands, we are thrilled with the outstanding response we have received from the industry, but what’s most encouraging is the early adoption from consumers through both our direct-to-consumer and retail channels since launching PECKISH PECK Packs nationwide,” says Jon Sebastiani, founder and CEO of Sonoma Brands. “This initial momentum continues to validate our thesis that fresh is redefining the retail environment as it relates to convenient portable protein snacking.”

PECKISH PECK Packs are sold in Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods 365, Erewhon Market locations throughout Southern California, and will be launching in The Fresh Market in May, for a suggested retail price of $3.99.