Agri-Norcold, Denmark, purchased another Denmark-based cold storage provider—Bring Frigo—enabling Agri-Norcold to enter into the Danish grocery industry.

“With the purchase of Bring Frigo cold stores’ activities in Denmark, we can now offer our customers even better total solutions in food logistics. With the growth we have seen and the one to come in the grocery industry in the years to come, we see this purchase as a natural step in the growth of our company,” says Jan B. Nielsen, chief executive officer, Agri-Norcold.

Bring Frigo operates cold storage centers in Kolding, Avedoere and Horsens, Denmark, with 150 employees company-wide.

“We have chosen this sale to focus on the development of other parts of Bring Frigo. With the sale, we have better opportunities to develop our future solutions in the grocery logistics in the Nordic region to the benefit of our other companies, and in the end, to the benefit of our customers,” says Haakan Nilsson, chief executive officer for Bring Frigo. “Naturally, there are a lot of synergies that Agri-Norcold can benefit from, but at the same time, it is the goal to make even better use of the total capacity.”

The purchase is to be approved by the Danish Competition authority.