Smith Brothers Farms, Kent, Wash., partnered with Tony’s Coffee, Bellingham, Wash., to release a new co-branded beverage—Tony’s Organic Cold Brew with Milk. 

Crafted with organic Smith Brothers Farms milk, organic, fair-trade Tony’s Coffee and organic sugar (plus organic cocoa in the chocolate version), this ready-to drink cold brew is packaged in an on-the-go 10-ounce carton or quart sizes.

“We needed to partner with a great dairy to pull off our very ambitious goal of producing the most delicious (no kidding), freshest, organic cold brew drinks on the market,” says Todd Elliott, chief executive officer of Tony’s Coffee. “Our relationship with Smith Brothers Farms has been a dream. It's like looking in the mirror—a multi-generational, family-owned Washington company focused on producing the highest-quality, fresh, organic products.”

Tony’s Organic Cold Brew with Milk is available at most major natural food grocers, including PCC, Metropolitan Market, Central Co-op, Haggen and Whole Foods, as well as through Smith Brothers Farms home delivery service.