MULTIVAC, Kansas City, Mo., developed the Multivac centrifuge feeder (MCF), which can be integrated seamlessly into packaging lines.

How it works is, the sausages are transported via an inclined conveyor to the centrifuge plate that is constantly turning. There, they are orientated at the outside edge of the plate by the centrifugal force, and are taken up individually from the centrifuge ring. Then, a V conveyor transports them to a downstream compartment conveyor that carries each product, individually and precisely aligned in a separate compartment, to the handling module. There, the gripper picks up the desired number of sausages and loads them into the pack cavity.

The MCF gently separates and loads up to 600 sausages per minute. The output of the MCF can be adjusted as required via the rotation speed of 30-60 revolutions per minute. If even greater volumes are required, it is possible to use several of these modules on one packaging machine, so that virtually any capacity can be scaled up. This solution is suitable for single-layer and multi-layer packs with any number and orientation of sausages.  

Furthermore, the MCF comes in either a left or right rotating version. All components are produced in the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design.