Arthur Schuman, Inc., Fairfield, N.J., is celebrating its 70th anniversary by introducing a new name—Schuman Cheese—which honors the company’s heritage while celebrating the innovative culture that drives its contemporary business strategy.

"Seventy years of operations brings growth and it brings change," says Neal Schuman, Arthur's grandson and the current CEO. "First and foremost, our new brand honors our proud history and the dedicated employees who have helped make my grandfather's dream a reality. At the same time, it underscores our innovative and forward-thinking spirit and helps ensure we are poised to keep building on that momentum."

As part of its anniversary celebration, Schuman Cheese introduced Yellow Door Creamery, a new brand that complements Schuman's flagship brand, Cello, by offering a platform for experimentation.

"By taking an experimental approach to a traditional category, Yellow Door Creamery leads with an off-the-beaten-path and optimistic approach to cheese making," says Allison Schuman, a fourth-generation family member with an active role in product innovation. "Yellow Door brands evoke the senses through unique formats, flavor profiles and blends. This maverick, trendsetting approach provides cheese lovers, industry influencers and home chefs with amazing, one-of-a-kind cheeses."

A series of hand-rubbed fontinas are among the first Yellow Door Creamery products, as well as a pair of blue cheese products under Yellow Door Creamery's Brilliant Blue brand, including crumbles and sliceable individual servings.