Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia, launched two new cheese spreads, available in Pinot Grigio & Fig or Smoked Gouda & Beer with Pimentos.

Inspired by family recipes, the spreads are made with real Wisconsin cheddar. 

“Our customers across the country, and especially Philadelphia, love the original six spreads, and people were asking for more. I’m excited that we were able to bring them two incredible new spreads that really represent culinary pioneering and who we are today, just in time for the holiday season,” says Emilio Mignucci, third-generation owner and vice president of culinary pioneering. “We think our grandparents would be proud. And, while it’s a proud moment for us, it’s been even more fun for us to work together with our team and create something new and delicious for our customers.”

The cheese spread are sold in Philadelphia-based retail shops and online.