Today’s retailers are focusing less on overall growth and more on shopper behavior, including developing smaller, more productive stores; digital retailing and online shopping; and more tailored assortment strategies by region and season. This is one of many findings in “What’s in Store 2017,” the latest edition of the annual trends publication from the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), Madison, Wis.

Other findings in the book’s “Economy & Retail Trends” chapter include:

  • Top hurdles facing retailers include vulnerability of regional supply chains to natural and external disasters, continued growth of e-commerce and continued consolidation.
  • Transparency, social responsibility and traceability continue to be important issues and considerations among retailers and manufacturers.
  • Private label in the United States continues to grow and is a sector that grocers continue to explore, as consumers no longer view these as no-name, lowest price and lesser-option products.

“Shopper behavior is playing a direct role in the future of the retail food industry,” says Eric Richard, education coordinator. “From store design and online shopping options to increased sustainability and transparency in the products, retailers are creating an engaging atmosphere—both brick-and-mortar and online—and expanding their product lines to attract and retain today’s sophisticated shoppers.”   

“What’s in Store” is an essential resource for dairy, deli, bakery, foodservice and cheese departments and industries, providing vital data on retail and market trends, growth and category changes shaping the food industry. ‘What’s in Store’ is a secondary resource that is developed through both interviews with industry experts and sourcing third-party data and trends.

This year’s edition features a continuous storyline to improve user efficiency and provide greater clarity for professionals needing to understand today’s retail world. Readers gain new insights and learn about marketplace influences through five themes:

  • The Economy & Retail Trends
  • Channels and Competition
  • Consumer Lifestyles
  • Eating Trends
  • Technology and Marketing

Additionally, “What’s in Store 2017” features redesigned tables, infographics that explain why the data matters, key insights, table interpretations, data callouts, expert interviews, testimonials and more graphics.