RPC Sæplast, Canada, introduced a spill-resistant version of its 660L PE container, ideal for the handling of products suspended in liquid or semi-fluid matter.

The new model features a raised edge and a silicone gasket in the lid to ensure a mess-free fit. The smart joint design reduces the risk of cross contamination, and the tailor-made lid delivers a tighter seal that keeps liquid contents intact for cleaner and safer handling during processing, transfer and storage.

In addition, the gasket can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced, and an optional drain plate is available to facilitate easy drainage of fluids and prevent formation of clogs and blockages.

The 660L is manufactured in durable, hard-wearing polyethylene with a triple-wall construction to withstand harsh environments, changes in temperature and frequent washdowns. The ergonomic design combines optimum hygiene, including smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, with ease of handling. It’s also reusable, recyclable and can be branded with company logos or imprinted with barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags.