High-Pressure Verification Technology for HPP Foods

Chromatic Technologies developed a patent-pending, high-pressure indicator “ink” applied to a food package that indicates high-pressure pasteurization (HPP).

This anti-counterfeiting, HPP-indicator technology is delivered via an ink that can be printed on the exterior of most retail packages. The ink is clear when printed and then increases in color as it’s exposed to the high isostatic pressures found in the HPP process. The ink comes in water-based and ultraviolet cured inks.

Chromatic Technologies Inc.

Electropneumatic Valve Positioner

Spirax Sarco released the EP500, what is said to be the world’s first ergonomically designed electropneumatic valve positioner. The EP500 features a cast aluminum enclosure suitable for outdoor installations. It utilizes simple force-balance control technology, and can be mounted onto pneumatic actuators with strokes between 10-70mm. With two gauges to indicate the supply air pressure and the output pressure to the pneumatic actuator, zero and span adjustments are easily accomplished. Additional features include improved calibration capabilities, IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure, NAMUR mounting and an accessible and electrical access cap with compressionstyle wiring connectors.

Spirax Sarco

Seismic Levelling Foot Withstands Earthquakes

NGI unveiled the new seismic levelling foot, capable of withstanding earthquakes due to its ability to handle combinations of vertical and horizontal loads. Additionally, it is designed in accordance with the 3-A and EHEDG hygienic standards, certified in accordance with USDA hygienic standard, in compliance with the governmental regulations of California and New Zealand - (NZS 4219:2009) and was developed and tested using the Finite Element Method (FEA). The NGI seismic product configurator combines earthquake risk data in the geographic area with data about a plant’s specific equipment. The result helps processors select the optimal solution in terms of safety, thus minimizing the risk of damage to machinery and equipment caused by earthquakes.


Vehicle Mount Computer

NEXCOM’s VMC 110 series vehicle mount computer assists commodities transportation by enhancing operational efficiency and fleet safety. Based on NXP i.MX 6DualLite processor, the VMC 110 embodies navigation, fleet telematics and electronic logging by combining real-time GPS tracking, wireless communication and complete vehicle diagnostics to control and manage freight. Managers can monitor fleet positions, implement geo-fencing and submit new requests and updates to drivers on the road. The VMC 110 also records and computes weight as a common practice when transporting waste, food, liquid and dry goods. The 7-inch LCD monitor gives drivers a comprehensive visualization of location, tasks and loads, along with an electronic logging system to ease pickup and delivery processes. The iButton function automatically identifies the assigned personnel to prevent unauthorized use. The compact and rugged design permits adaptability to harsh environments and extreme temperatures.