Elmhurst Milked, Elma, N.Y., debuted a line of vegan nutmilks, available in Milked Almond, Milked Cashew, Milked Hazelnut and Milked Walnut varieties.

Using a patented cold-milling process called “milking,”—developed by food scientist Dr. Cheryl Mitchell—Elmhurst Milked crafts non-dairy milks that combine the nutrition of whole nuts with creamy texture. The product contains none of the industrial stabilizers, whiteners, emulsifiers or gums typical of other leading nutmilks, and is said to contain up to four times as many nuts as other leading brands.

“At Elmhurst, we’ve developed an entirely new technology that coerces or ‘milks’ the natural nutrition and compounds from the nuts,” says Mitchell. “By liberating the seeds from their fiber structures, we are able to craft a product that is naturally creamy, nutritious and delicious, with no need for chemical stabilizers and fortification.”

This line of nutmilks is available in grocery stores and specialty markets across the United States, including Publix in Florida and Georgia and Gelson’s and Bristol Farms in Southern California.