tna, Coppell, Texas, introduced a new energy-efficient fan design for its Ferguson ener-freezeFFV 3 to reduce energy consumption by more than 30%, providing French fry manufacturers a more sustainable freezing solution.

Featuring the latest airflow technology, the Ferguson ener-freeze FFV 3 evenly freezes a variety of potato products in different shapes, including sticks, cubes and wedges.

The centrifugal fans with curved blades optimize air flow underneath the belt, resulting in even air velocity over the product for a high heat transfer rate and even fluidization across the entire width of the belt. As the air speed is near the product’s fluidization velocity, the appearance of clusters is eliminated and each French fry is frozen individually, quickly and to perfection.

In addition, the specific impeller construction of the Ferguson ener-freeze FFV 3 ensures that the fan curve has almost 100% spare static pressure to minimize the effects of production fluctuations and ensure a more stable fan curve over an increased period of time.