Food companies concerned about the safety of their supply chain can now get a free “Ingredient Risk Assessment” using HorizonScan, a comprehensive database of food safety and fraud reports.

UK-based HorizonScan’s food safety management system monitors safety and integrity alerts worldwide, collecting data daily from over 110 food safety agencies and other reliable sources to deliver timely alerts on emerging food safety issues affecting nearly 600 commodities from more than 180 countries. It also contains data on over 20,000 suppliers who have been the subject of one or more hazard reports in the past 15 years.

This web-based, food safety software allows users to search by commodity, country of origin, type of hazard, supplier, date of event and set up automatic alerts.

HorizonScan is exclusively available from Global ID Group, Fairfield, Iowa, which recently acquired Bioagricert, Bologna, Italy.

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