Ben & Jerry’s, Burlington, Vt., launched a new line of ice cream flavors and varieties for 2018.

“We wanted to bring the wow factor to our fans for 2018,” says Craig Koskiniemi, principal food scientist and flavor guru. “As a foodie at home and at work, I’m inspired to come up with creative new combinations like a cold brew coffee-based Ben & Jerry’s flavor. These are guaranteed to keep the love of ice cream strong,”  

Pint Slices
Ben & Jerry’s builds on its newest novelty innovation, Pint Slices, a portable, on-the-go ice cream bar with all the chunks and swirls of its pint lineup. New to this portfolio is:

Cherry Garcia. Cherry ice cream bars with cherries and fudge flakes, covered in a dark chocolatey coating.

Tonight Dough. Jimmy Fallon’s beloved flavor now comes in a Pint Slice. Caramel ice cream bars with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough covered in a dark chocolatey coating.

Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz. A fan favorite that packs a caffeine pick-me-up. Coffee ice cream bars with espresso bean fudge chunks covered in a dark chocolatey coating with cocoa nibs.


Truffle Pints
The Truffle Pint lineup includes three decadent flavors with some of the biggest chunks you’ll find in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Chocolate Shake It. Chocolate malt milkshake ice cream with chocolate cookie-covered fudge truffles and marshmallow swirls.

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake. Caramel chocolate ice cream with graham cracker-covered cheesecake truffles and chocolate cookie swirls.

Chillin’ the Roast. Cold brew coffee ice cream with chocolate cookie-covered coffee liqueur truffles and fudge swirls.


In 2018, Ben & Jerry’s is scooping out more options to fans who appreciate “everything but the cow” with two new non-Dairy, vegan-certified flavors.

Peanut Butter Half Baked. Chocolate and peanut butter with fudge brownies and gobs of peanut butter cookie dough.

Cinnamon Buns. Cinnamon with cinnamon bun dough and a cinnamon streusel swirl.

Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices are available in in grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99 for ice cream ($5.99 for non-dairy).