GEA, Germany, showcased solutions for every stage of food processing – from adding value to products during preparation to packaging end products.

The GEA DeltaPak, for example, is a versatile thermoformer on a small footprint, bringing the quality and flexibility of the GEA PowerPak family within reach of a wider group of users.

The GEA MultiDrum takes an innovative approach to capturing the taste, bite and look of home-style coating, while offering the chance to produce high-quality products at capacities up to 15,000 pounds per hour.

The GEA MultiJector is a multi-purpose brine injector equally suited to injecting bone-in and boneless products, and is packed with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal brine distribution.

When it comes to cooking, steaming, roasting, browning and smoking, GEA CookStar has evolved into a 3-phase cooking solution that provides a controllable cooking environment to maximize yield.

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