Interroll, Wilmington, N.C., exhibited its portfolio of solutions for hygienic food processing and dynamic storage.

For instance, the DM0080 drum motor platform is designed for modern conveyor belt systems in manufacturing, food and beverage and distribution centers, among others. It features a completely modular design, and offers both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions. Furthermore, all options, such as encoders, brakes and return stops, are now available for all of the platform’s motor variants, making it easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to plan and implement efficient material handling solutions. The DM0080 platform’s power supply can be established using a simple plug-in connection. And, the new design is IP69K rated and EHEDG-certified.

Interroll’s modular conveyor platform (MCP) was developed by using a holistic approach to designing each process level – whether the ordering process, the planning of the conveyor system or its installation – as efficiently as possible. With the new modules in three standard widths, all common materials are reliably transported, thus reducing the customer's stocking of spare parts to a minimum. The platform can be used as a basis for retrofitting systems, allowing new or updated solutions to integrate with the current system, with little to no disruption to the flow of materials. This is ideal for raising the productivity of warehouses and distribution centers that already reached their space limit. Largely pre-assembled modules accelerate the installation on site.

Meanwhile, Interroll’s Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 features an eddy current brake, and double shielding prevents magnetic emissions. In addition, the MSC 50 speed controller is easy to install and is well-suited for retrofitting existing gravity conveyor installations. The MSC 50 is designed for a maximum load of 112 pounds and a maximum infeed speed of 500 fpm. Maximum input is up to 3,000 units per hour. It has a specified ambient temperature range of 40-104°F and is available in roller lengths of 8-55 inches.

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