Danfoss, Baltimore, Md., extended its range of Z-design Micro Plate heat exchangers with improved economic and environmental efficiency by fully mixing liquid and gas refrigeration through a “zigzag” flow.

The Z-design range now includes custom-size heat exchangers with capacities from 90-400 kW with R-410A, making it applicable for other commercial air conditioning refrigerants such as R-410A replacements, including flammables, R-134a, R-448A, R-449A, R-452A, R-290 and more.

The main benefits of the Z-pattern design include optimized heat transfer and a reduced loss of charge for the water circuit. The reduced internal volume represents a smaller refrigerant charge and reduced installation costs. The high heat transfer also limits CO2 emissions. And, a reduced number of plates represents a limited weight and carbon footprint.

The new C118(L)-EZ is a single-circuit evaporator for use in high-efficiency chillers with a capacity of 70-250 kW, optimized for refrigerant R-410A.

Single or double circuit models are available for chillers and heat pumps dedicated to large commercial buildings such as office spaces and data centers.