To give operators even more ways to meet patrons’ demand for turkey bacon, Butterball Foodservice, Garner, N.C., introduced Premium Turkey Thigh Bacon, made with premium thigh meat.

The thick cut makes this product easy to handle and unlikely to overcook, while the dark meat complements all kinds of flavors. As a side dish, topping or ingredient, Butterball’s premium turkey bacon can substitute for lardon, pancetta and more. Plus, it’s said to deliver one-third fewer calories and 60% less fat than pork bacon.

“Different types of recipes call for different cuts of meat, so we’ll continue to grow our turkey portfolio to provide choices for operators,” says Heather Ness, marketing manager. “Our new turkey bacon is absolutely delicious and versatile to work in every daypart, giving diners another better-for-you alternative to one of their favorite foods.”