Dot Foods announced plans to establish a Family Health Center at the Mt. Sterling, Ill., headquarters.

The new clinic will serve 7,000-8,000 Dot employees, their spouses and dependent children who are covered by the company's medical insurance. The exact location is still being determined, but the Mt. Sterling Family Health Center will be in close proximity to the main Dot Foods campus.

The clinic is scheduled to open in late 2019, and will be the fourth on/near-site health center Dot has opened. Dot debuted the concept at its Georgia distribution center in 2013, and has since added Family Health Centers at its Idaho and Indiana locations.

"We have seen the success of these facilities and the positive impact they have on our employees," says Joe Tracy, chief executive officer. "Dot Foods’ Family Health Centers provide a high-quality, low-cost and convenient healthcare option for those on our medical insurance plan. It's a long-term strategic goal for the business to get more employees access to Family Health Centers, and we're very excited about bringing this incredible benefit to our Mt. Sterling headquarters."

The clinic will operate by a third party, and will provide condition management and education for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and more. Patients will also be able to receive annual physicals, wellness screenings, CDL certification, lab work, flu vaccines, generic prescriptions and physical therapy.

"Our employees are what sets Dot apart," Tracy says. "We're committed to their health and to providing best-in-class medical benefits. This commitment goes back to the values mom and dad put at the core of our culture. Family Health Centers are a way we can continue to invest in our people—both current employees and those that will join the Dot family in the future."