Graeter’s Ice Cream announced plans to consolidate its Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters as a result of continued growth. The Cable House, located at 2243 Gilbert Ave. in Walnut Hills, will serve as Graeter's new corporate home. The ice cream processor will occupy a 7,000-square-foot space in the renovated building and hopes to have the build-out and move completed by early June.

The move opens up needed space to accommodate growing teams in the existing production facilities as well. Moving to the Cable House keeps the 148-year-old company’s headquarters in Cincinnati and returns it to its Walnut Hills roots.

“The historic space just felt right for us,” says Richard Graeter, owner and CEO. “Our team had been shoehorned into two smaller offices located miles apart for too long, and it was time to bring everyone together. The new space will accommodate our growing teams and enhance our ability to work collaboratively. Plus, there is a lot of excitement and energy in the neighborhood, and we are thrilled to be part of the Walnut Hills renaissance.”

The move brings the ice cream maker’s corporate leadership teams together, including finance, IT, human resources, marketing, sales and retail store management. Bakery and candy operations, along with a full-service retail store, will remain at the Mt. Auburn facility on Reading Road.