Suji’s Korean Cuisine, Seattle, Wash., introduced Korean Bulgogi Patties, a blend of meat and traditional Korean spices, cooked to perfection, then frozen, for easy meal preparation. The patties are sold fresh, and come in Bulgogi, Chicken Bulgogi and Spicy Pork Bulgogi in resealable packaging.

Also new are Suji’s Korean Cuisine’s Korean Style Bento Boxes, available in Beef Bulgogi Bento with Rice; Kimchi Rice Bento with Bacon; Chicken Bulgogi Bento with Vegetables and Rice; and a vegetarian option, Korean Bento, Japchae with Sugar Snap Peas and Red Bell Peppers. Each Bento features thinly sliced meat prepared in true Korean barbecue tradition—marinated and grilled over a hot flame.

Suji’s also introduced a 1-pound package of Kalbi (Korean short ribs), which are cut across the rib bones, then pre-marinated in a rich sauce.

“I’m proud that our products give today’s consumers what they most want in food – authentic, really delicious flavors, made with no preservatives,” says Suji Park, founder and chief inspirational officer. “Every one of our products are clean label with ingredients you can pronounce. They’re also easy to prepare, which is perfect for how people cook today. Our premium products feature only the highest quality meats and poultry, such as the best USDA beef seared on an open fire in the tradition of real Korean BBQ. When we make our bulgogi, the meat is taken directly from the grill and lightly coated with a sauce we’ve perfected with the same ingredients that have been used in Korean cooking for centuries.” 

These products are available in major warehouse club and food retail channels nationwide.